Ep. 5: We Have a Big Feets Problem

In episode 5 of Evil Speak we have more big foot news, and talk about movies and a celebrity death.

Ep. 4: And Then There Were Two

In episode 4 we Evil Speak about our favorite horror film sequels of all time


Ep. 3: End Time Bells

In episode 3 of Evil Speak we talk about sounds that are erupting from the sky. Is it time to start begging for forgiveness or for one desperate, masturbatory act? Find out with us!


Ep. 2: Ghost Sex & Video Games

In this episode we talk about with guest Asher Cantrell about horror video games and a series of sexual ghost encounters on a reality t.v. show.


Ep. 1: Sexsquatch & Secret Societies 

In this episode we talk about one man’s forced sexual experience with a Sasquatch, as well as the strange case of Aaron Hernandez.