Aronofsky’s “mother!” trailer is here.

As a big fan of his previous work, Black Swan in particular, I can’t wait to see this new film, which seems as atmospheric as a film can be. We have been abound with riches lately, seemingly getting a great horror film every year. Lets enjoy this.

Inside the Mind of a Killer

90% of cruelty in the world comes from humanity. Is that an accurate percentage, probably not, but it would be pretty close, if not more. When I say cruelty, I’m not talking about survival of the fittest, nor war. If you’re still wondering, I’m referring to serial killers. Have you ever wondered what goes through their head before they kill, or after? Well you’re in luck because in this article we’re going to be in the mindset of Sherlock Holmes, and analyze these three cases. We’re going to figure out what could have went through their minds before and after their brutal killings.

#3 The Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs

Killers 1

For the first case, we’re going to look back to June and July of 2007, in the city of Dnipropetrovsk; located in the Ukraine. Three young men, Viktor Sayenko, Alexander Hanzha, and Igor Suprunyuk we’re responsible for 21 murders and eight more attacks, in which the victims survived. These three were charged separately for different crimes, such as animal cruelty and arm robbery, but we’re just going to focus on the murders. This case will be by far the easiest one for us to figure out, and that’s why I put it as number three.

The reason why this case is so easy to figure out is because the viral video, nicknamed Two Men, One Hammer, which shows Sergei Yatzenko arriving on his bicycle before being brutally knocked to the ground with a hammer. The attack lasted over four minutes as the boys brutally beat Sergei Yatzenko with a hammer, stabbing him in the abdomen and eye with a screwdriver. With no remorse, the two said, and I quote, “What, he’s still alive?” Suprunkyuk said. “He’s still moving his arms after I ripped up his intestines,” said Sayenko.

With just the little bit of evidence that we have gathered, it’s clear that these boys were just in it for the thrill, but was that really all they were in it for? If you answered no then you’re a fucking genius and the prodigy of Sherlock Holmes. One of the suspect’s girlfriends reported that they were going to make 40 snuff films and sell them to a rich foreign website operator that Suprunyuk was in contact with. Regional security chief Ivan Stupak rejected the claim saying they was no evidence of this. My opinion on what was going through their heads at the time of this murder is this: How much fun they’re going to have taking someone’s life, because I believe it all was just a game to them. My reasoning for this is as follows: in the video they’re pretending their vehicle broke down, and when a bigger guy pulls up in his vehicle asking if they need help, the two refuse his help. After he leaves they joke around about how big he was and how hard it would be to take him down.

All three pleaded guilty. Later on, Suprunyuk withdrew his confession and pleaded insanity, which was denied because of all the care they put into their work. And for Alexander Hanzha, the only thing I can see him being guilty for is possession of stolen property, armed robbery, and having two shitty friends.

#2 The Otaku Killer

Killers 2

This is where the game gets a little harder. The next serial killer on my list is none other than Tsutomu Miyazaki, also known as the otaku killer, we’ll talk about how he got his title later on. Tsutomu Miyazaki is probably one of the sickest serial killers that has ever lived. His portfolio contains murder, cannibalism, vampirism and necrophilia. Tsutomu Miyazaki was one sick son of a bitch; his process involved finding little girls, kidnaping them, killing them, and performing sexual intercourse to their dead bodies, and after he was done, he would take pictures of their dead bodies in different positions. He would also cut off their hands, and take the hands back to his house, where he would drink blood from them, and eat the pieces of the body part.

His killing spree began between August 1988 and June 1989. Miyazaki mutilated and killed four girls between ages four and seven. He wrote letters to the victim’s family’s recalling details of the murderers. He would also make silent phone calls to the victim’s families, and would often let it ring 20 minutes if no one answered.

The murder of Erika Nanba took place on December 12, 1988. The four-year-old girl was leaving a friend’s house, when Miyazaki forced her into his car as he proceeded to drive to a parking lot. He forced her to take off her clothes in the backseat and began taking photos of her naked body. Miyazaki killed the young girl and disposed of her body in an adjoining parking lot. Later on Miyazaki sent a postcard with letters cut out of a magazine to the Nanba family, stating “Erika. Cold. Cough. Throat. Rest. Death.”

On the day of his arrest he attempted to insert a zoom lens into a school girl’s vagina in a park near her home. Miyazaki was caught and confronted by the school girl’s father. The killer fled on foot, naked. Miyazaki eventually returned to the park to obtain his vehicle, which led to his arrest.

Remember when I said we would get back to how he obtained his serial killer name? Well, here’s the time. After his arrest, the police searched his two bedroom home, finding 5,763 videotapes, some containing anime and slasher films. Within the videos were films of his murders, along with photographs of the victims. He was a big fan of horror films and anime, which they tried to say was the reason he did what he did, but the name otaku killer came from the anime films they found.

During the trial, Miyazaki blamed his actions on “Ratman,” an alter ego that he claimed forced him to kill. He even spent time during the trial drawing a cartoon form of Ratman. Miyazaki was hanged on June 17, 2008.


Killers 3

Now this is around the time you may ask me, what do I think went through this man’s head before and after all his murders? My theory lies in henti, a fantasy world, where nothing is taboo and all things are possible. As sick as it sounds, you can find anything from a tentacle monster butt fucking a billy goat, to underage girls with older men, I believe that before he committed any of these murders, he relived his own sick henti fantasy inside his head, before, during, and after each murder. But we can’t just exit out Ratman being the puppet master Pulling Miyazaki’s strings, can we? Maybe that’s what was going through his head before he killed them. Maybe the guy was bat shit crazy, who really knows. The only thing I know is that even Sherlock Holmes would’ve said “fuck!”

If any of you guys have any more theories, I would love to hear them. So just send us an email on your thoughts of Miyazaki, and we will discuss it on Evil Speak Podcast.

#1 The Angel of Death

killers 4

Coming in at number one is Donald Harvey, the “Angel of Death.” This particular case touches extremely close to home, taking place in London, Kentucky’s Marymount hospital, where Harvey was a physician. The man claims that his killings were “mercy killings,” but we will find out later this is not the case. While doing research I came across a chart of Donald Harvey’s medical records and murders; this chart covered the day he was born all the way to his death, so without further ado, let’s get to work!.

In October of 1952 Mr. Harvey was 6 months old—right now, you’re probably thinking what in the world could he have done at such an early age, well it’s not what he could have done rather what his dad did. Donald Harvey was dropped on his head by his father. He didn’t seem to be seriously injured, but his soft spot hadn’t closed. Just 4 years and 6 months later he had another head injury, this one from falling off the running board of a truck. Although he did not lose consciousness, he suffered a 10-12 centimeters long cut on the back of his head.

We all have an Uncle Wayne in our family right? Well not like Mr. Harvey’s uncle Wayne; Harvey’s uncle Wayne sexually abused Harvey at the age of four, using him as a masturbation aid. The two also engaged in oral sex. That wasn’t the only time Harvey was sexually abused though, there are multiple counts throughout his child hood, and as he reached adult hood.

Now since I bored you to death with Harvey bumping his head and getting molested by his uncle, let’s move on to what you’re really here for: the murders. The date was 05-30-1970 the first time Donald Harvey took a life. It was the life of an elderly man, aged 88, and named Logan Evans. Donald Harvey smothered him with a sheet of blue plastic and a pillow. He listened to his heartbeat with a stethoscope until the last beat. He then disposed of the plastic and cleaned the lifeless body of Logan Evans, dressing him in a clean hospital gown. With no fear of getting caught, he notified the nurse on duty.

His next victim was a so called accident; he accidentally used the wrong size catheter on James Tyree. Mr. Tyree let him proceed, but then yelled at him to take it out. Donald then used the palm of his hand to control his mouth until the man threw up blood and died.

06-22-1970, this was Donald’s first mercy killing. He was aware that Elizabeth Wyatt’s, age 42, was asking to die. She told him that she wished she could die; so he turned her oxygen supply very low in order to kill her. Four hours had passed until the nurse came into her room and found Elizabeth Wyatt dead.

Donald Harvey continued killing all the way from 1970 to 1987, racking up a total of 37 to 57 murders, but he claimed he killed 87 people. Harvey died on March 30, 2017 from a severe beating he attained from his cellmate.

So looking back on all the evidence we have found what possibly could’ve been going through Donald Harvey’s mind? After combing through all the facts that I gathered, starting with Harvey’s first murder, I believe at that point in time, Donald Harvey was acting on impulse, therefor nothing was running through his mind. I honestly believe after all the years that he was controlled and abused, this was the first time he finally had control over something, and he loved hearing every heartbeat until the last.

Now for the so called accidental murder. It’s kind of strange that it took place one day after his first murder. Honestly, I think he went home that night and realized how big of a rush it was, having so much control over someone, and knowing they could not do anything to stop him. It gave him satisfaction and he craved more.

The only mercy he gave Elizabeth Wyatt’s was not seeing his face before she died. Why do I think Elizabeth Wyatt’s did not see Donald Harvey’s face before her death? Because Donald Harvey did not turn her oxygen supply off, he simply turned her oxygen supply down low so she would lay there and suffer, giving him enough time to walk out of her room until she went into cardiac-arrest, eventually passing away. The only thing I could imagine that went through his mind during this period of time was disappointment; disappointment because this was the first time he took a life that wasn’t by his bare hands.

God damn I don’t think Sherlock Holmes could have done better himself, what do you say? You should be proud of yourself, this was a journey that some psychiatrist would not dare to take, and you know what? I’m fucking proud of you guys too. Thanks for following me through this long dark tunnel.

By: Roger Parker

11 Quick Observations and Predictions from the Stranger Things S.2 Trailer

1. Dustin has teeth.


Yes, as you may have noticed, Dustin (played by Gaten Matarazzo) has himself a beautiful set of chompers this season. My wife almost wailed in disappointment.

2. This is Will’s story.


As has been reported, this season the main protagonist from our favorite A.V. club is Will Byers. Noah Schnapp seems to show some raw emotion in the trailer. I think he’ll knock it out of the park.

3. Into the Mouth of Madness.


Maybe this is just my personal opinion, but this season reminds me a lot of John Carpenter’s style of film making. It makes perfect sense, with this season being set around the Halloween season.

4. Netflix is backing this show 100%


Can you imagine how much it would cost to use a Michael Jackson song in your show/movie. How about the most famous Michael Jackson song? And this was just the trailer. Netflix isn’t holding back with their end of the deal, it seems.

5. Halloween really is the best, isn’t it?


There’s something about this season being set during our favorite holiday that just seems right.

6.  Dustin is getting a monster pet.


It has been rumored, and this trailer definitely teases that he will be getting a Gremlins-like little buddy in this season. What do you think wriggling around in his homemade ghost trap?

7.  The Upside Down is converging with the real world…


From Dustin’s monster pet, to the goo, to the shot of Nancy and Jonathan staring into the abyss, and to Will decrying “I see is everywhere,” the worlds seem to be colliding.

8. …and Will is the only one who knows what is really coming.


The shot of him standing outside of the arcade is haunting. It will be up to him to warn the others, and take action. There’s also the shot of him drawing the demogorgan. Either him, or someone else is warning the people of Hawkins about what is coming.

9. Eleven is the puppet master.


By this, I mean that more than likely, in my opinion, she is the one pulling Will in and out of the Upside Down.

10. There will be a sweet ouija board scene.

I mean, it’s Halloween, Mike misses Eleven, and what better way is there to contact someone on the other side. This is a wild guess, with no clues from the trailer whatsoever, so maybe this is just a hope of mine.

11. Sean Astin will be our new hero.


It’s a quick shot, but one that reveals that he is likely escaping Hawkins National Laboratory. He is also wearing garb that suggests he was a patient there. Is he escaping with information for Hopper or is he escaping in the same way Eleven did last season? Either way, it’s nice to have Samwise aboard.

By: Brandon Patterson

Stranger Things Season Two Trailer is Here

By: Brandon Patterson

The Walking Dead Takes a Lighter Tone

Is it just us, or is the newest trailer for the upcoming season of The Walking Dead a bit more fun? In fact, the title card, which in seasons past has become more and more weathered, looks bright and polished. Is this a change in tone for the show, or just a fun bit for this particular audience at the SDCC? I guess we’ll have to wait until October to find out.

By: Brandon Patterson 

Remembering George A. Romero


(Photo courtesy of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Some films, and some filmmakers, strike us in personal ways. This is especially common with horror movie fans, who will defend their favorite films, despite some of their glaring flaws, until they’re blue in the face and out of breath. Why? Because it fucking matters. To them anyways, and to me too. And to me, that filmmaker is none other than the recently deceased George Andrew Romero.

My love for his films, and the way he made them, started at a young age. It was a family member who showed all of us, my family—including our very own Kenton, his living dead films. It’s strange the way we latch onto things at a young age. His shambling, mostly mindless, creatures—don’t say the zed word—immediately bit into our imaginations. We started a zombie hunting club, bit out friends in school, demonstrated how to walk like a ghoul from Night of the Living Dead.

And then we fell in love with the rest of his filmography, which too should be celebrated. Besides his Dead films, it was Martin, Knightriders, Monkey Shines, and The Crazies that really grabbed us. Over the years we began to really understand what made his movies so special: his decidedly non-Hollywood style and attitude. The man did it his way, in his town. When Ridley Scott was taking us to space to illicit a scare, Romero took us to the mall, and not only did he scare us, he showed us why we scare him.

Social commentary is often heavy handed, and although George did sway into that territory with some of his later films, he single-handedly invented that concept in the horror genre. Night of the Living Dead stars a black man, who makes it to the very end, only to get shot and killed by a redneck. To George, it was the assholes taking back over the semi-civilized world. In Dawn, it was our cattle-like consumerism that drove the message. In Day he reflected a myriad of social problems, from our ignorance of science, to our obsession of military, and then to our want to play God.

I have been lucky enough to meet George a few times in my life, and I’m happy to say that he is also a wonderful man. It was like running into an old uncle. It was him who asked most of the questions, and he seemed genuinely interested in hearing their answers.

So to George, I say I love you, and your work. You will be missed.

By: Brandon Patterson

Review: War for the Planet of the Apes


War for the Planet of the Apes in the conclusion of the “Caesar Trilogy” in the Planet of the Apes film universe. The trilogy is unique in a variety of ways, one being that the all of them are good films; another being that they got better with each new iteration.

The newest one puts at the tipping point of the end of humanity, where war has truly broken out. The film begins with an action packed scene and keeps it foot on your throat. It does let up in the middle, however, to bring a sort of western. Actually, the second act of this movie really felt like a classic western, with Caesar and his gang out for revenge, and on a hunt for the big bad. My favorite scenes where during this stretch.

As for performances, everyone is kind of wonderful. Woody Harrelson has presence, Steve Zahn’s character, who a friend I went with kept calling “Curious George” was hilarious, but the standout is, of course, Andy Serkis as Caesar. Man, what a performance. What a career, which goes to show you that there really are no small roles.

The movie is able to wrap the series up with a nice, touching button, and will probably leave some viewers feeling pretty emotional. Overall, I give the film a 9.0/10.

By: Brandon Patterson


Why Shia LaBeouf Should Be Tarantino’s Manson

shia surprise

News broke this week that Quentin Tarantino, master filmmaker of such films at Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2, Death Proof, etc., is beginning production on a Manson family movie. As with always, casting will play an important part in the success of this film, lets look at who we think could pull off the evil little fireball in the heart of Charles Manson.

The answer is Shia LaBeouf. Yes, a bit of a controversial candidate because of his most recent outburst, which included a drunken, racist tirade. The actor has spoken since, though, claiming that he has been battling addiction problems. And yes, choosing this role would probably not be a very good idea for Shia and his health, as the role would challenge him to play someone who was a central part of the hippie drug culture, as well as someone in a state of deep psychological turmoil.

But what a great performance it would be. Imagine how deep Shia would lose himself into this character, as he does most of his roles since leaving the Transformers franchise. We know he has the talent, as Brad Pitt described him as being “One of the best actors I’ve ever seen.”

I have thought quite a bit on this these past few days, and I can’t think of anyone else better to play the madman than the actual cannibal himself; Shia LaBeouf.

By: Brandon Patterson






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